What is Ecxema?

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What is Ecxema?





What is Ecxema?

In simple words, Ecxema refers to an inflammation of the skin that causes itching, and redness in the affected area. Often you will hear doctors use the term Dermatitis to explain this condition as well. Both words describe the same condition. While the word Ecxema in Greek means “bubbling or boiling through”, Dermatitis means “inflammation of the skin”. 

Ecxema is a generic term that is used for any kind of bubbly skin rash. It is not a specific disease. Ecxema or Dermatitis is one of the most common kinds of skin complaints. It affects people of all ages and can start at anytime. It is extremely itchy and uncomfortable and causes social embarrassment, as the rash is clearly visible to other people. Studies have shown that Ecxema, especially in childhood is becoming quite common nowadays. While some people only have a few episodes of Ecxema in their lives, for others it is a life long chronic condition. 

There are many kinds of Ecxema and there are many factors that cause this condition. Under a microscope all kinds of Ecxema look the same, no matter what is causing that Ecxema. A patient may have Ecxema only in a part of his body or sometimes it may affect his whole body as well. There are mainly four different kinds of Ecxema:

· Contact Dermatitis
· Atopic Dermatitis
· Nummular Ecxema
· Dyshidrotic Ecxema


There is no cure for Ecxema however there are many medicines available now that can provide relief from the discomfort and itching related to Ecxema. Everyday scientists are reporting new findings that have improved doctor’s understanding of this condition. With time doctors hope that researchers will be able to come up with more permanent solutions for Ecxema. 

There is now so much knowledge and literature available on Ecxema. However much of it is technical and with lot of medical jargon, difficult to understand. In this website we have tried to simplify some of the terms and provide an exhaustive understanding of Ecxema, its various causes, treatments available to patients and also how to prevent it. 



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